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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New pc specs.

due to some... overheating issues... some of my major components needed replacing...

My pc specs...
Cpu: 2.8Ghz Ht Pentium 4 800Mhz-Fsb.
Gpu: HIS HD 3850 512MB (256bit) GDDR3 AGP
Ram: 2x1GB DDR400
Hdd: 200Gb Samsung, 40gb Segate baracuda.
Optical Drive: LG DVD burner.
Mobo: Albatron PX865PEC Pro.
Psu: 500W Antec
Cpu Cooler: Massive Thermaltake thing.
Network: Inbuilt Ethernet - D-Link wireless card.
Display: 2x Benq FP71G+ (17" Lcd)
Sound: X-fi Xtreme Gamer, Creative Fatal1ty headset.
Case: CoolerMaster Gladiator 600.

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