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Monday, February 9, 2009

Backspace USB mod.

I have just finished a new mod for my 2gb drive (my good one).

I used a backspace key from a old keyboard i had lying around.

What you will need:
An old keyboard that you don't want anymore.
Hot glue gun.
Something to cut a chunk out of the key, file, side cutters, dremel.
Electrical tape
A steady hand.

Oh and a usb drive :p

Read through all the steps before actually doing anything.
Step one.
Clear a space to work on. and gather everything you will need.

Step two.
Get your usb drive and take its shell off it (if you haven't already). also pull apart your keyboard... Sometimes you can just pull the keys out and others its best to pull the entire thing apart. Just remove the key you have selected (first make sure its big enough before you go pulling a perfectly good keyboard apart).

Step three.
You will need to cut a chunk out of one end of the key so the usb plug will stick out. make sure that the drive fits if not make the hole bigger.

Step four.
This step is optional, you may want to be able to see the circuitry through the glue on the bottom (depending on what you are using it may or may not be clear enough to see through). get your electrical tape and wrap it around the drive.

Step five.
Insert your drive into the key and make sure its a snug fit. now get your glue gun ready... you will need to fill up the key with glue right to the top, making sure it doesn't go everywhere. when you are done flatten it out if you wish, then let it cool.

Step six.
Plug in the drive to a nearby computer and pray you haven't overheated it :p

Enjoy this cool mod.

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