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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Modify a thumbdrive.

well as the title suggests i have just modified my thumbdrive... this drive has been damaged so i decided to mod it.

this is a very cheap and easy mod.

this is a very simple mod that requires patience.... and of course Some Lego and superglue...

all i did was Saw, Sand, Cut, and Grind the innards out and put them together and inserted the drive into the hollow... then glued it together. but you might want a bit more info....

I'm sorry but i didn't take photos while i was making this, it didn't occur to me at the time...

Things you need...
1. 3x flat Lego pieces, make sure they are long enough... (depending on the size of your drive, you may need more but three is the easiest to do it with so don't use less)
2. Superglue. (make sure it works on plastic)

Tools you will need
1. Sandpaper. (to smooth the edges and get rid of rough bits)
2. Small files. i used the ones i got with my LOTR miniature magizine.
3. Craft knife. (you can use this to cut and if needs be, grind)
4. Hacksaw. (you may not use this but to cut some parts it makes things easier)

If you have a dremel you may not even need any of these.

Make sure you read the steps in full before you continue.

Step one.
Check what size bricks you will need... mine where 2 wide and 6 long.

Step two.
Once you have everything you need its time to start shaping...

i did a three layer design... get the brick you want to be the center, and cut everything out, now you need to leave the outside of the brick in tact, except for where you want the usb connection to stick out you need to leave a hole there. Just do this step on one of the bricks. you may want to keep to lumps on one end to help it stay together better. You may need to keep grinding away the sides making them thinner and thinner to fit your drive in. you can use a craft knife to grind away at the sides... you want to put the knife on a 70* angel. And pull it in the direction its not pointing... like this... / ----------->

make sure your drive fits and continue to the next step.

Step three.

Once you have done the center piece put that aside. Now get the piece that will be the top and cut out all the O's that are on the bottom of it. So the inside is empty. Now your drive should fit better.

Step four.

On the piece that will be the bottom and take off all the lumps except the two at the end so they can hold on to the two on the middle piece.

Step five.

Now put the bricks together in the order you want. You should have a hole big enough to fit your drive... now insert your drive to see if you made it correctly... if it doesn't fit make the holes bigger by filing away the parts that are stopping it from fitting.

Step six.
Put together all the pieces and insert your drive, glue it all together so its flat. I still had gaps around the usb so i filled it up with bluetack. I then put glue over the bluetack and used a hairdryer to dry the glue and harden the bluetack.

Since i am a impatient person i used the hairdryer to dry all the glue. You might want to just leave it to dry on its own cause it lets off some rather bad fumes.... -cough- so if you do use a hair dryer use it outside or next to a window.
Be aware that using the hairdryer dose warp your Lego and could overheat your drive, which may permanently damage it.

that should be it. just blunt the edges and sand away any ugly bits :D

its easy to mod these so go ahead don't be shy, give it a go.
if you have trouble understanding these steps leave a comment.
I take no responsibility for damage you may cause to the thumbdrive, yourself or others.

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